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Baby Sleeping

Ginette & Sam with Phoebe

Ginette & Phoebe.jpeg

‘We were all close to breaking point when we enlisted help from Dipna with regards to our 21month old daughters sleep situation. We were taking it in turns sleeping next to her on the floor by her bed, holding her hand for the majority of the night. We all dreaded bedtime because of the fear of what the night would hold.


From initial consultation through to the end Dipna was always professional and personable. She gave us the confidence and tools to guide our daughter into better sleep habits and ultimately made us all happy again. She came up with a plan of action, that we were comfortable with and gave us lots of different tips to make it work. She adapted the approach when required and made sure she kept us going with it by holding us accountable for what we were doing but not in a judgemental way - purely encouraging. This helped us to keep on track and get the desired results. Some ‘simpler’ suggestions have also been invaluable (e.g using the monitor to reassure her when previously we have never thought to use the two way function). We now enjoy bedtime and have a sleeping daughter for which we are hugely grateful to Dipna for - thank you. 


We highly recommend Dipna and should we experience any further issues/ need a sleep consultant in the future, we wouldn’t hesitate to use her again.'


Ginette, Sam and Phoebe Clarke

Deepa & Karan with Eeshan

Deepa & Eeshan.jpeg

'Dipna has been a godsend. We have always struggled with sleep for our little one and since the arrival of number 2 things came to a head!


With a very clear structure and easy manner Dipna gave us the confidence  to sleep train our 2 year old. From a boy who would not even go into his cot at night, he now sleeps through every night with minimal fuss at sleep time.


Highly recommend! Cannot thank her enough.'

Deepa, Karan & Eeshan

Baby Sleeping

Poonam & Vish with Aaryan


'Dipna has helped and supported us with all the teaching techniques to help able Aaryan to sleep better. He has done a 360 degrees turn. 



During the day he used to only have naps in the sling, which has now turned into 1hour plus in the cot.


The night time sleeps were extremely hard as Aaryan would only fall asleep during a feed and then waking up at least 4 times, needing another fed as a comforter for 1-2 hours at a time. 


However he has learned how to self- soothe to sleep at night resulting in him able to sleep through the night, which is a Bonus. 


Dipna has been amazing, always at hand and keeping tabs on how we are progressing. Her advice and recommendations have been so helpful. We would recommend her to anyone struggling getting their child to sleep!'

Poonam, Vish & Aaryan

Elaine & Imran with Layla

Layla testimonial pic.jpeg

'Dipna is an absolute lifesaver. We had struggled aimlessly for months with a very irritable and continuously tired toddler.


Dipna provided us with the essential tools to help our daughter get the vital sleep she was missing out on everyday.


Our daughter never slept during the day unless we took her out in the car or in the pushchair. This was exhausting and not always very practical. Layla now sleeps 2 hours in the afternoon which has been an absolute game changer.


We could not have achieved this without Dipna's help.'

Elaine, Imran & Layla