My Baby Won’t Nap In His Own Bed

I often get questions about where the best place for a baby to have their nap is….read on for my advice.

Sleep is so important for babies and they need to get good quality day sleep to help them have good quality night sleep. They need good restorative sleep throughout the day to help with their emotional, physical and social development. They grow, they learn, they help their immune systems all while sleeping. Incredible really when you think about it.

💕 I always recommend their own sleep space for naps. So whether it’s their Moses basket or cot, that’s the ideal place.

💕Now, I know first hand this isn’t always possible, and especially if you need to have a lot of input in actually getting your baby to fall asleep in the first place. Either sometimes your baby just resists their naps, or you’ve spent the best part of the hour trying to get them to go to sleep and the minute you put them down, their eye fling wide open 😩….yes, I’ve been there too.

✨And while daytime sleep is important, some sleep is better than no sleep.

So if you struggle to get your baby to sleep in their own sleep space, or they’re fighting that sleep that you know they actually really do need, the following could also be really useful to help them get that nap:

👉🏼contact nap (ie in a sling/baby carrier)

👉🏼nap in the buggy/pram

👉🏼nap in the car

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