Sleep for School

So let's start by saying the first few weeks of 'big school' has been joyful, exciting but tiresome!!

My little boy, just turned 4 in August and it was time to start big school.

To my surprise and to his credit, he has settled in so well. As expected, the first few days were a little hard at drop off, but he came out smiling at the end of the day so I can't complain.

3 weeks later and he runs in smiling, runs out smiling, comes home and doesn't stop eating and goes to bed.

Who else finds their little one is tired by Thursday??? Mine certainly is and I'm still trying to navigate this new sleep journey. It's not an easy one for me. There will be days he wakes up at 5am, and some days at 6.30am. I think this whole new routine is taking some settling into and hopefully it won't be too much longer. But I am having to adjust his bedtimes, trying to find what works for him without him getting too tired the following day.

If I get him into bed too early, it's like he's done with his sleep by 5.30am and he's wide awake in bed belting out his favourite song. If I put him to sleep too late, we have delay tactics and all sorts going on because he's 'wired'.

Starting school is a whole new ball game, and for some kids, they really can take a while to adjust to the new routine. Mine is the 'baby' of the class, so I'm just taking his lead with giving him some boundaries with sleep and keeping to some schedule.

What have you been doing to help your little one with their sleep while they settle into the school routine? Let me know...

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