Myth Busters Part 1

The term ‘sleep training’ has gathered a bad reputation among many. But there are some myths that I’m going to clear up for you right now.

If done in a gentle manner, sleep training your little one could be a game changer for your family. Now I’m not saying you HAVE to do it, and if you choose to, then no one is going to judge you.

If you feel that sleep training is not for you, that’s fine too 😊


❌ you can’t comfort your child

❌ you can’t rock or hold baby

❌ you’ll break a secure attachment between you and your child

❌ have negative effects on their brain from crying

❌ your little one needs to be in their own room


✅ your little one will feel loved and secure

✅ your little one will trust you and rely on you

✅ the whole family will benefit from lasting results

✅ your little one will have mastered a life skill

My methods are only gentle and loving. I never advise leaving your baby to ‘cry it out’.

Feeling confused about it? Get in touch and let’s talk about your sleep challenges 💬

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