He's all grown up!!!

Have you moved your little one into a big bed? If so….what age did you move them? I’d love to hear your stories 😊

Moving into big bed from a cotbed can be a really big decision or a really easy decision for some parents. If you've got cot climber, getting them out of the cotbed can often feel like the 'only way forward'. But it doesn't have to be, especially if your child isn't really ready to be moved.

For us it was a big decision, and one that we tickled with plenty of times before we actually did it. I didn't have the 'need' to necessarily because our little boy has never been a cot climber. He would try but then just stop at the top and hover (probably because he knew it was a long way down).

And so my own sleep journey with my son continues….

💫He’s almost 4, and we’ve just gotten rid of his cotbed.

OK….yes we’ve left it a long time to move him into a proper bed, but due to circumstances we’ve only just been able to do so and just in time for him starting ‘big school’. Lots of changes going on this year, so we’ve made sure to try and do this one early enough for him to feel safe and comfortable and keep his sleep in tact before the next big change.

💫In some aspects, I’m quite happy we waited as long as we did to get rid of the cotbed. He was sleeping well in his cotbed, so I didn’t have a ‘need’ to change it any sooner; but I do feel as though as he really understands that when it’s bedtime….it means lie down in your bed, close your eyes and sleep.

💫Last night was the first night he spent in a big bed on his own and I couldn’t be more proud of this milestone for him. He stayed in bed (without falling out) all night. He even helped take his cotbed down. He didn’t try to escape his bed at bedtime 🎉. I feel like this has been a big win for us. Let’s just hope he continues to sleep well.

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