Is it sleepy time yet....?

How do we know when babies are ready for a sleep?

This can be difficult, especially in the early months. We know that babies will often cry because it is their only form of communication, but we don't always know what the reason they cry is.

Could it be hunger? Could it be because they are tired? Could it be a dirty nappy? Do they just want to be cuddled?....The questions could go on and on.

Crying and fussing is definitely one sign of being sleepy.

The guide below will give you a rough idea of where your child's sleep cues lie within their limit of feeling sleepy and being overtired.

The best chance we have of our child having a restful and restorative sleep, is by trying to get them in their sleep space and asleep when they are 'feeling sleepy' and NOT when they are already overtired.

If your child doesn't show sleepy signs until the overtired stage of sleepy signs, try to put them for a nap a little bit earlier. It is common for the very alert to hide their early sleep cues much more than the relaxed and easy-goers.

If you're having trouble getting your little one to nap or go to sleep, and you feel you want some one to one help, then get in touch. I want to help :)

Dipna x

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