Feeling all hot and bothered AND trying to get to sleep...

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

It can be difficult for your child to settle to sleep in the heat or stay asleep comfortably. They won’t sleep well if they are too hot or too cold. But as we’re having what seems to be a ‘summer’ let’s look at more what you can do to help your little one sleep more comfortably.

Here's what you can do to help them:

* Make sure they are not overdressed. If their room is more than 25 degrees C, it’s likely all they’ll need is a nappy and short sleeve bodysuit. If the room temperature is between 22-25 then add a 0.5tog sleep bag. The most ideal sleeping temperature is between 16-20 degrees

* Try to ventilate the bedroom well. This is so important to ensure there is plenty of fresh air circulating and its important to ensure the whole house is ventilated well

* Try and help create a breeze (while also keeping the some of the heat out). You can do this by simply opening a window, and keeping the curtain or blind closed. If you have a fan, it will only circulate the already hot air; so it can be useful to have a bowl of ice cold water in front of it to help cooler air circulating

* If they have a bath before bed, try not to make the water too warm. Having a hot shower/bath right before bed could make them hotter and make them more agitated

* Could there be a cooler room in the house your child could sleep in. If their usual bedroom just won’t cool down, no matter what measures you try; try moving them to another room in the house which is cooler

* Use a thermometer to measure your child’s temperature accurately. Don’t touch their hands or feet to check their temperature (this is not so accurate). Use either a thermometer or you can touch the back of their neck to check.

try to keep your baby calm. An agitated baby will not settle to sleep well

Lastly, how can we expect our children to sleep well in the heat if we don’t either? I know I can get hot and bothered really easily in the heat, so it’s not wonder our children do too.

If you're worried your baby might be too hot, look for the following signs:

  • Check their temperature

  • Heat rash

  • Sweating

  • Damp hair

  • Flushing cheeks

  • Rapid breathing


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