Big bed update!!

So it's been 4 days since my almost 4 year old was in his cotbed.

He has made the move to a big bed and he even helped grandad take down the cotbed. He likes to be super helpful everywhere he can.

Update - i think I can call it a big success!!! He's not fallen out of bed yet and not had any wanderings in the night or when it's time to go into bed. He's been a real superstar and I couldn't be happier.

Downside to the move - he comes and jumps on me in the morning though so I've had to get the gro clock back out. The first night we had it on, he turned it off to make the sun come out as soon as he woke up - BIG FAIL. Then i discovered it has a child lock so their little wandering hands can't make it come out earlier than it's been set to. That really worked a treat this morning. He did try, but did not succeed and stayed in bed until the sun came out on its own.

#cotbedtobigbed #bigchangescoming #groclockbackinaction #bigbedupdate #dipnasleepnanny

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