Big Bed or Cot Bed?? The Million Dollar Question

Thinking of transitioning from a Cot to a Big Bed

Hands up if you’ve wondered when to transfer your child from their cot to a big bed?

Definitely me….My husband and I have ummmmmmed and ahhhhhhed on many occasions before our son turned 2 years old if we should move him or not.

We got to a point where he wasn’t sleeping well, and we had inadvertently created sleep habits that we were struggling to remove and were trying absolutely anything to try and ‘fix it’. So naturally, this was one the options up for grabs.

We decided to trial taking one the sides of his cot bed down to make it feel a bit more ‘big boy like’ , but for the next few nights we quickly realised this wasn’t the solution. Our son would actively throw all his things on to the floor, and because he found this new found freedom, he would not lay down for his sleeps. Safe to say we quickly put the sides back up.

So it’s best to wait until they are as close to the age of 3 as possible before you put them in a big bed, as until they are 2.5 years (on average), they just cannot understand the concept of ‘staying in bed’. Some children may climb out of the cot in protest, but do try to persevere with the cot before resigning to the big bed. Safety is of great importance, so things like slumber sacks and keeping the floor around the cot well protected can help keep them in the cot.

If you do put your little one in a big bed before 2.5 years of age, just be prepared for lots disturbed nights, replacing your child back in their bed.

If this sounds familiar to you and you want more one to one help then please get in touch. I can and want to help you.

Dipna x

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