All Big Changes

So in the last 4 weeks, we've gone from sleeping in a cotbed, to sleeping in a big bed, moving back home and finding lots of new changes to our bedrooms, to turning 4, to finishing preschool for good!!!

With all these changes, I was sure that I would be having sleepless nights because my son would become restless with all the changes. But he has taken it in his stride and made me one proud mummy!!!

I asked my son if he would like to help grandad take down his cotbed while we were staying with them, and he said yes...that was my first amazement. I was expecting him to half scream and have a full blown tantrum at the thought of his cotbed being taken down. But we had spoken to him about it on and off for a few weeks before it was going to happen to help prepare him.

We also spoke about all the changes that would be happening to his bedroom while were staying at grandads and he was so intrigued. He'd make me FaceTime my husband so he could see the changes to his room each day. Quite sweet really.

So the first night he took the cotbed down was his first night in a big bed all on his own. Yes, he's slept in a big bed but with mummy and daddy in it. So that was the first night ON HIS OWN!! He didn't fall out, he didn't try to run away at bedtime and I was waiting for the worst nights sleep. Well, I was waiting and I never got a cry in the night or anything....until about 5.15am, and I just feel him jump on me!!!

Then it was time to get the gro clock out again. That gro clock was a game changer....without it, I'm sure my little one would be out of bed as soon as he flings his eyes wide open!

My top tip from this whole new experience: Keep them in their cotbed for as long as possible. Mine was literally 4, but definitely don't do it before they are 2.5 years old.

So now...we have one HUGE change left to come for the year...starting SCHOOL.

I'm sure that this is going to disturb his sleep somewhat at the beginning, but it's the unknown of it all that has me on edge....if you've got any tips of how to cope with your first baby heading off to school, I would love to hear them :)

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