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All you need to know about sleep at 6-18 months

How to improve your Toddlers sleep

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The following guides are available to purchase and download

Baby to Toddler Sleep Routines E-Book                                                      £10.00

This E-Book has been written to give you all the information you need to help you through your little one's forever changing sleep needs in their first 3 years.

You'll find help on:

- Infant Sleep

- Importance of naps

- Sleep guidelines from newborn to 3 years

- Bedtime routines

- Sleep environment

- Feeding and sleeping

- Dropping naps

Getting through the 4th Trimester                                                              £10.00

This E-Book is for parents or caregivers with little one's up to the age of 4 months.

In this guide you'll find help with:

- Newborn sleep cycles

- Sleep needs upto 4 months

- How to help regulate their body clock

- How to build a routine for bedtime

- How to make their sleep environment conducive to sleep

- How to reduce the risk of SIDs

- Talk about co-sleeping safely

- Talk about sleep regressions